28 June 2009

A tough week

I guess we have to have them from time to time, to make us better appreciate the times when life is easy and all is going well. It's not been one thing in particular, rather a culmination of things, me having to work late at home till about 10pm most of this week, Mark having his boss down from Auckland a few days which added to his work pressures, Noah getting up earlier than usual and in a particularly unreasonable mood a few mornings as well as waking up with a nightmare in the middle of the night one night, Mark putting his back out on Friday morning whilst running, and then me coming down with flu-type symptoms overnight last night, and having to spend the day in bed today with a splitting head, body aches and a cough that really physically hurts.

We both felt so jaded and out of it on Friday that we left work at 4pm to come home early and it meant I didn't really get a chance to get nostalgic about leaving the M-co work offices for the final time after seven years. At this rate, I'm not sure it would even be wise to go to work to our new offices at NZX tomorrow, but will have to wait and see how the morning finds me. Not really the start I want being sick on my first day but it can't really be helped. And, given the current state of the spread of the dreaded swine flu around the country, I don't really think people would really appreciate me spreading my germs around.

Anyway, will try to think of some of the positives from the week rather than moan and groan the whole way through the blog. Yesterday, we had a nice catch up for lunch with our church friends Sally & Olly, Sally is due with her first baby about three weeks after me so we have plenty to chat about, and they have kindly offered us their single bed for Noah as they will need to make room for the cot in their room. The timing should work out well as we can put Noah's bed (currently the cot with the sides off) away for a little while whilst baby uses the bassinet and then there shouldn't be any negative associations with us having taken Noah's bed and given it straight to the baby.

Yesterday afternoon, Zealandia (aka the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary) had an open day with a Gold Coin Donation entry (usually $14 entry which we think is rather steep for what is essentially a bush walk with a few native bird sightings thrown in), so we went along and met up with one of the other daycare families there. We realised that we had only been once about five or six years ago and there has been a lot of development in that time. We enjoyed sighting the shags on their island in the lake, watching the clever kaka operate the bird feeders made just for them which the smaller birds are too light to open with their claws, and a sedate boat ride on the lake on the way home.

This morning Mark took Noah off to the zoo (so I could go back to bed and rest), and took him out again this afternoon out to Petone for a ride on the miniature train to give me a quiet house. Bubs appears to be as happy as Larry, kicking and moving away inside to his heart's content so I am sure he is safe and sound in his little cocoon, but nonetheless all prayers for a quick recovery and no worsening symptoms are gratefully appreciated.

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Sarah Lee said...

Thinking of you all and willing you well soon. Sounds like you've had so much on your plate this past week or so and I admire your determination to try to stay positive despite it all. Wishing better weeks to come soon, especially with worth. Hoping the move goes well and you all feel settled soon. Very best wishes and get well soon! Sarah


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