19 January 2010

Where oh where has summer gone?

We are in the grips of some unseasonably cold and wet weather, so much so that I found myself unable to stop ranting about it on Facebook yesterday to vent some frustration. These were the posts I put up during the day:
  • Not one of your finest moments Wellington. No wonder people move away.
  • How do I love thee Wellington? Let me count the ways....not many, if any, today.
  • Why wear 1 layer when you can wear 4?
  • Our poor tomatoes....a good chance our 2nd batch will die after today's weather! After already replanting when the first lot died after our coldest October in 60 years, the new ones will not know what hit them today!
  • Looks like 10 is the new 20 (degrees in Welly)
  • Summer City my %$#.......
  • OK I feel much better now.....(see previous posts). The ranting can now cease, even though the storm clearly hasn't.
Except I couldn't help myself today with one last post:
So as you can imagine, the past 3 days have been spent firmly indoors, and with the heating on full bore....a travesty in January when we should have the doors and windows open and be spending more time out than in.

We enjoyed another M.N.M day on Friday (aka Mum and the 2 boys all day), and then Jackie came to stay and the two of us went to the movies to see The Lovely Bones on Friday night. Yesterday the wind howled and the rain beat down, so much so that our front door looks like half the dirt from the garden has been plastered across it....and no point cleaning it till this weather abates...maybe by Tuesday?

This morning (Sunday), Mark and Noah made a camp in Noah's bedroom and Mark snapped some cute pics of the boys hanging out in their camp on our new camera. I just love the way that Mylo is looking so adoringly at his big brother as if to say 'Hey you're cool, I can't wait till I get bigger so we can REALLY have some fun together'.

Oh yes, the new camera. After seeing the stunning shots my brother took over the holiday, we were sorely tempted to invest in a digital SLR ourselves. However, commonsense prevailed when we thought long and hard about the time investment required to fully learn how to get amazing shots like Nic has, and the fact that children on the move don't really give you the time to perfect a shot! Instead, we've opted for a half-way compromise, a great automatic camera that still has plenty of options to manualise (is that a word?) settings to more out of a shot.

A few shots taken while getting familiar with the new camera

Monday update: 10am the fog lifted, the sun returned, and all is well in the world again.


Jen said...

I found your blog via kiwi mummy blogs

what a smiley baby boy u have :)

I like your bracelet :)

nic fletcher said...

Haha nice pictures all the same guys!!! (Soon to be wisdom-toothless Uncle Nic)


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