28 March 2010

On the move - Mr. Determination!

The active baby who loved to kick and move inside me (see Crazy Belly Movements) has turned into a determined wee soul who was always going to be desperate to get on the move from an early age.

After mastering rolling from back to tummy at around the 5 month mark, the past month has seen Mylo spend most of his time on his tummy gaining great upper body strength in preparation for his big moving debut. Yesterday morning he did a full rollover from back to tummy on the mat on the change table even with its raised sides - it hasn't been safe to leave him alone on it for quite some time!

About ten days ago, we noticed him starting to make some backwards movements, and then for the past few days he has been up on all fours rocking and doing some graceful belly-flop forward lunges. So although he's yet to fully move forward in a continuous motion, this is probably just days away. Although at only just six months old, I'm mourning the loss of my little baby who is fast turning into a moving dynamo. Whilst encouraging Noah to crawl and chalking up this great milestone when it happened at 7 months, with Mylo I'm thinking 'If only you could stay stationary for just a little longer - please don't grow up too fast!'

He is already very adept at swiveling right around to get to toys, and if something is placed outside of his grasp, he can always manage to manoeuvre himself to the point where he can get his fingers on it. I have never seen such determination in one so young. He has an incredible reach on him, and will surprise us by managing to grab things which we have assumed we have placed well out of reach. It appears everything is fair game to be grasped, grabbed, tickled or touched - whether it is toys, hair, bibs, wipes, books, food, faces, clothes, or dummies.

He is definitely more excited about texture and touch than Noah was, but at the same time is also a real snuggle bunny. Particularly when he is getting tired, he loves to just nuzzle into your shoulder and will often try to reach his arms around our necks for cuddles which is pretty lush - even if it is at 4am!

We started trying not to swaddle him a month or so ago, with gradual success. He has 3 fairly regular day naps now, and can usually nap without being swaddled, although if he wakes early from a nap we can sometimes get him to go back to sleep by wrapping his arms inside his Safety Sleep and giving him his dummy. Lately we have also managed to stretch out his night feed to 3-5am, although he often still wakes around 12-1am. But we can usually resettle him easily enough with the dummy and wrapping up his arms until the early hours of the morning when he wakes and actually needs a feed.

Solids are still a bit hit and miss, and vegetables are a big challenge to get past him most of the time unless sweetened with some fruit. He has started to accept mashed banana or avocado which is progress though. He continues to relish all things fruity - particularly my pureed combinations of peaches, nectarines, apricots and even mango (spoilt boy - I had never even bought a mango let alone knowing how to cut and cook it before Mylo came along!). He still seems quite sensitive to textures though, and is happiest eating smooth rather than chunky foods, often grimacing and choking if I try to sneak in some bigger chunks. All in good time.

Feeding time really is 'at the zoo' with Mylo, and there is a lot of extra washing of bibs, his clothes and even my clothes don't escape unscathed. When I think back to what a tidy eater Noah was, and how we could just prop him up on the couch on a pillow for feeding in the early days, I have to laugh. By comparison, mealtimes with Mylo are a mad melee of moving and manoeuvring and general muckiness!

Mind you, we wouldn't change Mylo for the world. He is a delightful and endearing morsel who is growing more entertaining with each day!


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Chavah said...

I hear ya. I had to go away for four days at the start of last month and came home to a crawling baby! Then 2 weeks after that he started climbing the furniture :( I still want my little bubba. I'm not ready! lol.


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