17 March 2010

The boys make a SPLASH

We took advantage of the opportunity to spend an hour at the pool on Sunday so Noah could show off his amazingly confident water skills to Grandma. It is a year since Grandma was last in NZ, and she can clearly recall the boy who was too scared to even jump into the pool then.

What a difference a year makes. Our Noah now jumps, dives, and swims underwater as if he had fish for cousins. We gave him some goggles for Christmas and this has really aided his underwater confidence to the extent that some of the other daycare parents asked whether Noah had been having swimming lessons when they saw him in action at George's pool party a few weeks back.

Sunday was also Mylo's first outing to the pool! He spent about ten minutes in the shallowest, warmest toddler pool with Daddy and Noah, serenely soaking up his surroundings. He wasn't at all fazed by the noise, splashing and general commotion of the pool. And he looked very grown up in his little rash vest! I can see many more fun Sunday afternoon family outings to the pool in days to come.


1 comment :

Meeks said...

Looks like loads of fun! We should get to the pools before all the colds start!


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