04 March 2010

Things I'm Loving x10

This is not an original idea by any stretch of the imagination. There are a quite a few lovely Kiwi mummy blogs out there that do a regular 'Things I'm Loving' post. So I thought it was time I got in on the act, hopefully nobody will mind me poaching the idea!

1. Code Crackers - I am totally addicted to these to the extent that I have found myself doing the daily Mindfood online version. I've also cheekily asked GeeGee to cut the one in the Taranaki Daily News out each day and send a bunch to me every so often. Obviously am in need of some mental stimulation whilst being a stay at home mum. And it beats Sudoku any day for a good brain workout if you ask me!

2. Speaking of Mindfood, I LOVE this magazine. We first received an annual subscription as a corporate gift through Mark's work and when the 12 months was up, treated myself to another 12 months as my Christmas present from Mark. It is a great read, it always has really interesting articles, and is not at all trashy. It features articles under categories such as Community, Health, Self, Beauty, Environment, Culture, Food and Drink, Travel. I particularly enjoyed the magazine covering Michelle Obama, as I didn't know that much about her other than the fact she was the president's wife. However, she is so much more than that, and even though she travels the world and does heaps of philanthropic work, I loved the fact that she first and foremost sees herself as 'Sasha and Malia's mother'.

3. This puzzle sent to us by Mark's parents. It's a limited edition George Luck puzzle (no longer being made). It's worth about 80 pounds and Mark's dad got it for 1 pound on one of his weekly car boot sale pilgrimages. We've only attempted it once (it arrived on the weekend), and this attempt was only successful because we took a photo of it first before we broke it up! We think that my mum in particular would love to have a go at doing it, so we'll have to bring it out at Easter when they're down to visit. I'm not usually one for doing jigsaw puzzles - other than helping Noah complete his Hairy Maclary or Postman Pat puzzles, but with all the different pieces, it's just such an unusual puzzle that it oozes coolness. Plus it reminds us of all our travel back in the day round quaint hillside Tuscan villages in Italy like San Gimgnano - and that's also super cool!

4. The Land before Time - we discovered these DVDs at the library a few weeks back, and I think we've just about seen them all now! They have lovely cute animated kiddie dinosaurs who all have very different personalities. The songs are sweet, Ducky is my favourite!

5. Noah's bike. I know I do go on a bit about this, but it really is the bomb.

6. Glee. Does anyone else dig this program? We stumbled upon it quite late in the piece and caught up by watching all the episodes in one week. Loving it so much that we now have the soundtrack playing in both cars. Noah asks for 'Bust a Move' everytime he gets in the car. I'm also loving their version of 'Golddigger'.

4. Fresh garden produce. This year we've enjoyed wine berries, cherry toms, strawberries, peas, courgettes and mesculun salad leaves. Even though I doubt we make our money back in the amount of money invested in buying the seedlings, it is such a great thing to do with your kids, and seeing Noah happily munching on fresh tomatoes and peas is worth every cent and more!

5. New recipes. Being on this WW diet since Christmas has definitely had its advantages and I'm not just talking about the weight loss. It has inspired Mark to come up with all manner of new fare, from carrot, zucchini and pineapple cake, to sticky date pudding, bacon and asparagus strudel, trifle, and gnocchi. Always good to get out of a cooking rut.

6. Learning to take better photos. The new camera has helped a lot!

7. Sleep. Looking forward to the night I sleep uninterrupted for 8 hours. Reality is that could still be a way off if Mylo has anything to do with it. Therefore, indulging in sleeping in till 7:30 most weekdays and 8:00 on the weekends is my coping mechanism. I'm getting really good at going back to sleep even just for an hour if I am up to feed him at 6:30am. I love this last hour of wriggle time.

8. Sunsets and sunrises - trying not to take for granted how amazing the view is from our bedroom upstairs early morning and evening. Shots like these totally make it worth living in this house!

9. Creative fun. Last Friday avo after picking Noah up from daycare early, I was trying to fill in an hour before Daddy came home. Hit upon the idea of a leaf hunt in the garden. Noah enjoyed finding long and spiky, coloured, big and round, smelly and shaped like a hand leaves which we put in a scrapbook. I was impressed with his dexterity with the scissors too, although I nearly lost a finger a couple of times!

Actually the most fun part of the afternoon was finding a baby snail hiding under one of the leaves shaped like a hand. We enjoyed watching her stretching her antennae out as far as they would go, and seeing the slimy trail she made on the table. I even managed to get Noah to hold her in his hand and feel how tickly she was crawling across his palm before we 'saved' her and put her back out in the garden.

10. Blogging. Nuff said.


Catching the Magic said...

Love the things you're loving! A very interesting read and that magazine sounds fab!

Sarah Gauntlett said...

wine berries were my favourite growing up! Yay for GLEE!


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