26 February 2010

Boy on Bike

If there's one thing I LOVE at the moment, it's seeing Noah zooming (make that hooning!) around Wellington on his bike. Whether its down on the waterfront, at Karori Park, or in the Botanical gardens, it just gives me such a thrill to see how confident and how much enjoyment he gets out of riding his bike. Best Christmas present we've ever given him so far, thanks to Mocka!

We discovered a new part to Waitangi Park this week - the skateboard ramps, and whilst we probably (no definitely!) annoyed the hell out of the skateboarders taking up their ramp space, Noah had an absolute blast and would have stayed there all day given half the chance. Just a shame we had to dash home to put baby brother to bed after an hour's fun.

We're looking forward to being able to take English Grandma down to the waterfront to show off the bike expertise when she arrives...did I mention 12 days and counting? I did already? Oh well. That's how excited we all are to see her.

And also heard out the mouths of babes recently.....(well a 3.5 year old to be exact), whilst I was pointing out the different kinds of dinosaurs on his Land Before Time DVD we rented from the library, I said 'Look Noah there's even a dinosaur that can fly'. To which he replied 'Yeah I know Mum, its a pteradactyl'

Excuse me, what!!!!!!!!!!  I'm still chuckling about that one some weeks later. He sure showed me!


Sarah said...

LOVING your latest posts, sorry for not leaving many comments - kinda one handed most of the time with bubs in arms! Can't get over how much Mylo has grown - so cute! Hope he's fully recovered from his jabs now x

Meeks said...

Thank you for your lovely thoughtful comments ;)

I have never seen a child on the ramps at Waitangi Park...good on him! I bet my boy would love to hoon around them.

Chavah said...

So cute! I LOVE mocka. I'm ordering a cot and highchair from them in the near future.


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