20 February 2010

And on this day....

six years ago, two hearts and lives were forever joined. Aah the memories.

We celebrated this year a little earlier than the actual date with a meal at 3C on Thursday night. This was to take advantage of our in-house babysitter - my 85-year old gran (aka GeeGee) who flew down from New Plymouth to stay with us for 3 nights this week. As Noah and Mylo are her only great-grandchildren, we relish every opportunity to bring the oldest and youngest generations of the family together, and it is wonderful that she is still capable and willing to travel to us. No mean feat for someone who isn't that fond of flying!

After 6 weeks or so on our Weight Watchers diet, it was a real treat to have a night off and not worry about how many points we had already eaten during the day. The only downside of the diet is that both our stomachs appear to have shrunk and can't cope with too much rich food as neither of us managed to finish our main meals, and dessert was therefore also out of the question!

Chilled to perfection

Parent's night out essential accessory - mobile!

The obligatory turn the camera on yourself shot...umm yes this IS who I married!

The evening wasn't without a few hair-raising moments though. Before our starters even arrived, I had a few frantic call from GeeGee as the baby monitor alarm started going off in Mylo's room. This sending GeeGee into panic stations and me having to explain via mobile how to go in and turn the darn thing off to stop the loud beeping - how he didn't wake up I'll never know! We clearly should have done a trial run of the monitor working before we left.

Ahem, it's almost shocking how totally relaxed we are about even using a baby monitor this time round. It sits in Mylo's room but is almost never used, funny given we were still using it with Noah almost until Mylo appeared on the scene. In our defence, Mylo's room is closer to both the lounge and our bedroom so we can easily hear him without using the monitor. Having said that, we bought one of those Angelcare movement/sound jobbies (not cheap!) that senses movement under the mattress, and it was obviously this part that malfunctioned last night. I will get around to testing it out again to make sure it's working properly at some point.......perhaps before we next go out for the evening would be a good start!

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Meeks said...

I love the composition of your photos (and the photos of your son at the Botanic Gardens). Looks like you have been getting lots of practice in ;)


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