04 February 2010

In love with...

Karori Park. Why have I not been there before! Apparently it's Wellington's largest sports field with an awesome stretch of lush green grass, and it was given a major upgrade by the council in 2007. The park is nestled in the heart of Karori, amid surrounding hills and mountains which add picturesque beauty to the place. The two half-mile tracks that run side by side along the periphery of the park invite joggers, brisk walkers and children on bicycles to do a round while others can enjoy the bright green field. The park's ample parking space, cafe, children's play area and restrooms contribute to making this place ideal for an outing.

Today was sunny, a little windy, and after baking some date scones and playing Noah's new 'Surf's Up' interactive game this morning, I decided we should get out and enjoy the sunshine for an hour this afternoon. I've recently put Mylo's stroller upright so he was able to look out on the world, which he did contentedly as we wound our  way round the park.

Noah enjoyed riding down some of the slopes on the edge of the track, spotting the stream occasionally as it meandered alongside the track, and watching the toi toi's blowing in the southerly breeze. The playground is also great to wile away more time, with swings, a small slide, stepping stones, a rotating wheel and even a flying fox (although we didn't have time to try this out).

The cafe looked good too, and we definitely plan to come back and sample the fare on another day where we can enjoy sitting outdoors in such nice surroundings.

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Jen said...

sounds lovely
if I ever get to Welly shall have to check it out
Id love go to Te Papa one day :)


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