10 February 2010

Captured: One cheeky chappy

Yesterday on another MNM (Mum/Noah/Mylo) day, we caught up with our dear friend Jackie for coffee and a yummy cheese scone at Ministry of Food in the morning to help celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately, in yet another nappy brain moment (which worringly seem to occur with great regularity these days!), I forgot to take my credit card and had no cash on me to pay for the morning tea - but for that I blame Mark for taking $10 out of my wallet for indoor football the night before without telling me! Luckily Jackie came to the party or we'd have been in a spot of bother! I certainly don't fancy turning to a life of petty crime just yet!

Although we hadn't planned on going out again, Noah asked so nicely if he could go to 'the park with the big slides', that I obliged with a quick visit to the park in the botanical gardens later in the afternoon.

And captured on camera at the park: one cheeky chappy!

And my favourite.......................

1 comment :

nic fletcher said...

wow meghan these are fantastic! looks like you have got a good handle on the new camera =)


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