15 February 2010

Tigers and Dragons...and butterlies and flowers?

Today was the Chinese New Year Festival in Wellington, celebrating the Year of the Tiger. Noah and I caught up with his friends George and Phoebe to watch the parade, which commenced with some pretty LOUD firecrackers (we all had to hold our ears), and then some fantastic dragon floats.

After the parade had passed by, we headed on down to Frank Kitts Park to see the start of the celebration showcasing local Chinese talent. The kids attention spans didn't last too long however. The thought of an icecream and some fun in the water fountain proved to be far too appealing.

All the kids got their shoes off in record time and enjoyed a splash around. All was going well until Noah somehow ended up sitting in the fountain, just him mind you, no-one else! Once he was a bit wet, he thought it was hilarious fun to keep sitting down in the water. Well, I was out of reach snapping with the camera before I could stop him the first time, and then once you're wet, you're wet!!! By that stage it didn't really matter whether he was a bit wet or sopping wet. Oh, apart from the fact that I realised I didn't even have spare underwear let alone new trousers for him to wear!

Thankfully, Phoebe's dad Glen came to the rescue with her spare underwear and some jeans with pretty pink stitching, butterflies and flowers to boot! It was either that or Noah could walk 10 minutes back to the car through the centre of town in the nudie which wasn't all that appealing, especially as I could imagine the looks I would get from people being the irresponsible mother of a naked child wandering through town who clearly didn't think to bring a change of clothes!

Oh well, harmless fun, and at least I came home with my reputation as a parent somewhat intact. Once we rolled up the jeans you really couldn't even tell they were girls jeans, so no-one would have been any the wiser! But of course, you my dedicated readers, you know better that my reputation is starting to proceed me! You will all know that I have been found wanting for brain cells more times than I care to admit of late (escapades on the waterfront a few weeks back and trip to town for coffee this week just two clear examples of the obvious air between my ears!) It makes me laugh to think that just before we went out today I actually took the spare undies out of the bag along with a woolly hat and rain jacket thinking 'Oh I'm sure I won't be needing those today!' So you won't be surprised to learn that I re-packed our little day bag with a spare pair of undies AND a pair of shorts as soon as I got home tonight!

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