21 February 2010

Huckleberry Fun

To celebrate having GeeGee staying with us for a few days, Mylo turning 5 months old and our wedding anniversary all happening this week, we all ventured out as a family for a cafe lunch yesterday, GeeGee's shout.

We'd heard really good things about Huckleberry Cafe, which opened a few months ago, and is only a few minutes drive away in the suburb of Northland.

It is really spacious inside, has a great kids play corner, and a relaxed atmosphere. It was a lovely way to spend Saturday lunchtime! Oh and the food was good too.


Grandma and Grandad said...

Hello our precious NZ family,
Thank you for blog and fabulous photos taken during Gee Gee's visit.How lovely to see you all in summer clothes and, goodness how your beautiful boys are growing. Cant believe I will be with you all in 12 days time!! Cant wait!!
Loads of love Mum and Dad

Chavah Kinloch said...

Gorgeous:) Hello from a fellow kiwi mummy! Great blog.

Sarah Gauntlett said...

ok this is random but your husband kinda has a dan carter quality in that bottom left shot!


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