31 May 2010

Birthday party for the monkeys

This week we have been bombarded by rain, rain and more rain. Starting on Monday and going strong all week. I would love to know how many mm has fallen, and Wellington hasn't even had it as bad as other places around NZ. So an indoors week it has been one way or another..


Mylo's settling at daycare went brilliantly, all the teachers seemed very pleased with his progress. They said he had been 'cruisy' 'happy to explore' and 'really friendly'. As a parent, you couldn't ask for any better feedback! Unfortunately, he then came down with a nasty mucousy cold on Friday night, which on top of hand, foot and mouth a week or so back means he has been somewhat in the wars. We will need to see how he copes with this coming week by taking each day at a time.

Noah enjoyed a few the early pickups this week, coming home with me when Mylo was finished for the day. One of the afternoons we took our first trip to Junglerama (indoor playground) in a long time to escape our four walls. We ate dinosaur shaped toast, and made a dinosaur birthday card for one of Mark's friends. The creativity overflowed further into the weekend, and the craft pages I cut out of the Little Treasures magazines came in handy once again, when we hit upon the idea of throwing Noah's monkeys a birthday party.

What do you think we gave the monkeys for a present? A banana - what else! We made a card with bananas on it saying 'Happy Birthday Monkeys' with Noah carefully tracing the letters. We also made cupcakes with banana coloured icing, put 5 candles in - one for each monkey, and sung them happy birthday before blowing the candles out and devouring the cupcakes.

And way to spice up bathtime - Noah, Mylo and I had a candlelit bath this evening for a bit of a twist on our usual bathtime fun.

Who says you can't have just as much fun when it's raining and miserable outside!

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Catching the Magic said...

Lovely happy news (apart from the seasonal bugs, bah!!). So happy all is going so well and I enjoyed reading about the fun party for the monkeys!


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