11 May 2010

Seize the moment

On a beautiful, windless autumn afternoon in the Capital, we seized the moment.

I'm still suffering from one really bad tooth (or in fact lack of!) which is still causing me constant pain and am now on my third round of antibiotics (as well as having to poke a syringe down into the hole now regularly to clean out the pus and blood - sorry too much information I know!). But this afternoon, I decided enough was enough, and made the decision to just forget about it for a bit so I could enjoy a rare afternoon with my two beautiful boys.

The golden sand of Oriental Parade beckoned us closer
Footprints of those who had gone before zigzagged around us 
Shoes were quickly disposed of while bucket and spade came out to play
Other families played a short distance away, each in their own world
Planes flew slowly and majestically past, reflecting back to us the sun
We tested the crystal water, lapping almost silently on this still day
Trousers and sleeves were rolled, but still got wet!
Sand sticking to his toes, Noah tackled the playground
Climbing, crawling, and confident
Sliding, sliding, sailing down
The late afternoon sun glinted on the fishing wharf
And a starfish bobbed amongst gentle ripples


Anonymous said...

Looking at these photos... Mylo is getting so big!!

nic fletcher said...

some nice composition in these Meg =)

Meeks said...

You poor thing! I totally remember what this was like when I had mine out. It is hard to take care of others when you need taking care of yourself. Glad that you were able to get out and enjoy your boys ;)


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