04 May 2010

Escargot anyone?

I must share a funny moment I had this morning with you all. It really brightened my day, when the past few days have been a little hard going!

I was merrily working on the computer and had Mylo within eyesight. I thought he was playing with the abacus that I had put out for him. Then I heard a funny crunching noise, and saw him with his fingers in his mouth.

On closer inspection, when I put my finger in his mouth to try to flick the object out, I discovered he had been happily munching on a snail which was now in several bits.....!

Firstly, I've never seen a snail inside our house before, and I certainly didn't notice it on the carpet. Trust our Little Explorer (aka Fiddle Fingers) to find it and decide it was fit for consumption! He's so different to his big brother, I don't remember ever having to fish anything like that out of Noah's mouth. Oh, the fun we're going to have with you Mylo...

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