04 May 2010

Onwards and upwards

Now that crawling (albeit still the commando variety) has been successfully mastered at speed, I can actually see Mylo's little brain thinking 'Hmmm, what's next?'. Ummm, that would be climbing!

He's already managing to get himself successfully out of the blow-up elephant pool if I sit him in it. Not gracefully mind you, it's more of a combination giant belly flop then roll onto his back. Still impressive to watch though.

Well this just won't do, how do I find a way out of here? Like this.

And just to prove I'm not a one hit wonder, I think I'll do it again.

This morning he decided the stairs were fair game, and after trying to eat the carpet on the first step for a while, got himself up onto his feet and hands before doing a little pirouette and ending up in a heap mashed up against the wall.

I wasn't really trying to climb up, Mum. I'm just resting. Yeah right.
P.S. Mylo you look like so much like your UK Grandad in this shot its unreal!

He really seems to be in a big hurry to learn how to do everything, this boy. I love / it scares me that he is so adventurous at just 7.5 months. He's been attending the school of hard knocks, and the clunk and bash we hear as he knocks his head on tables, chairs or walls is only met with a minor grizzle, its very rare from him to dissolve into full-scale tears (which would be more like his brother!).

He's fast learning the word 'no', at this stage this is mostly reserved for when we catch him playing with the power points. Even though they all have protectors in them, some lines need to be drawn now!

I'm fast learning that Life will never be dull with Mr. Mischief in our house!

Brotherly love in the bath, I love it!

Easy on a Sunday morning

Noah has also been enjoying the fact that Mylo seems more interested in playing with/near him lately. He is a very tolerant and gentle big brother that's for sure. Although we did wait till Mylo was asleep to build this great tower using every single block in the house. Noah built most of it himself, and I was quite amazed at how much his block building skills have developed lately. Add to that, the rocket and crocodile he built at daycare last week were proudly put on display for the other children and parents to see. Go champ!

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Catching the Magic said...

ADORABLE and oh my SO active! He's incredible for 7.5 months! And big bro is pretty darn amazing too! Loving that tower!


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