24 June 2010


This is us right now.

Battling to be healthy on all fronts. It has been over a month (and more like 2 if you count my struggles post wisdom teeth extraction) of ailments that have come crashing in one after another.

I was coming right after my horrible dry socket tooth experience. Things felt good again.
Then Mylo came down with hand, foot and mouth and was terribly grizzly, refusing most food/drink for a few days.

He bounced back in time to survive the first week at daycare - just. And was promptly off sick for most of his 2nd week.

That turned out to be a nasty phlegmy cold which took him about 10 days to get over fully - with his first tooth popping through right in the middle of it all. Every morning he woke up with a terrible encrusted nose that took a good few minutes of wiping with a warm, damp cloth just to clear enough space for him to breathe properly.

In the meantime, the rest of us were limping along with various colds/coughs/body aches.

Then last week Noah had a high temperature and had to have a day off daycare - luckily that was shortlived, and was just the day.

Sunday night I went to bed, and as soon as I lay down I felt queasy. Wondered if one glass of wine and a row of Dairy Milk Chocolate could be to blame. Thought it unlikely. Tried to ignore it for about 4 hours before getting up and coming downstairs for an ice cream container...just in case. Bleary-eyed asking Mark the progress of the All Whites game (it was half time and 1-1) at that point. Back upstairs to bed, but within about 5 minutes was hugging the toilet. That toilet got a lot of hugs over the next 4 hours. Spent all of Monday dozing and sleeping (so not me!) the bug off. Crawled downstairs at 3pm to lie on the couch and catch the All Whites replay but couldn't keep my eyes open through the second half. Boy was I wiped out. Early to bed Monday night.

The next thing I know it's 11pm Monday night, and Mark is upstairs telling me how he's just spent the last half hour cleaning up after Noah has thrown up all through his bed, on the carpet, on the bathroom floor and over the toilet. Mark also managed to slip in the sick on the floor as he was running Noah into the bathroom and put his back out again as it is still pretty fragile and prone to going out at the slightest thing.

By the way Mark = My hero for cleaning all that up singlehandedly and leaving me to get the restful sleep I needed after having had the bug the night before.

So Noah stayed at home for the day on Tuesday.

Now one of Mark's teeth has flared up with what he hopes is just a nasty infection and not another (we're at 5 and counting) root canal needed. So an urgent trip to the dentist required this morning and antibiotics needed. Still in a lot of pain and has had to take painkillers and Voltaren to get through the day today.

Mylo is coming down with another cold. As am I. Strepsils and lemon honey are my friends.

Just when we think we're at the end of it, BAM we get hit by something new. So we're battling away, some days just battling to get through the day and safely out the other side. I think we've popped more Panadol and Nurofen in the past month than in the past 2 years!


I still believe that my Almighty God who is powerful above all else in the universe is in control, we ARE in the palm of his hands, and this is just a season we're going through. I know we learn more in the testing times than in the good times. This is obviously a season to grow and trust more in Him. To rely on His strength. To claim His healing for us all. We WILL overcome.

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Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

You poor thing... love and hugs from Perth.


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