10 June 2010

The letter of the week is.....S

This week at daycare Noah is learning the letter S. But in our lives, this week the letter S stands for Sleet. On Tuesday night, we experienced Several waves of Southerly Sleet Showers that were Substantial enough to make the garden look like it had a dousing of Snow. The temperature outside was about 3 degrees whilst all this was going on so the Sleet Stayed around for Some hours....brrr...winter is officially upon us and we Sure felt the full force of its power.

Meanwhile, inside, our boys were Snuggled up together on the couch. Poor Mylo had another case of the Sniffles over the weekend, so had to Stay home from daycare two days so far this week. He does look a little peaky in these photos, bless him. And no photo of Noah would be complete without his ever present 'food moustache', this particular night it was remnants of his eggy-peggy on toast.

In fact, if I'm honest, it's not just Mylo feeling under the weather. We're all fighting viruses and Sniffles and feeling generally Shady. The focus is on just trying Survive this week one day at a time.


Oh the sweetness of seeing a gentle loving little hand stroking another little head.

Over the long weekend, we also played hairdressers and Styled Some Super Spiky hairdos. Any excuse for Noah to get into the mousse and hair gel so he can look like Daddy. And Mylo now seems to have enough hair to get a little Spike going to get in on the action. He is Sure entranced with his Smiley big brother!


Sarah said...

Adorable pics and I'n amazed your still blogging away like an e-Queen this week what with all you have on! I do hope you all feel much better soon, big hugs and LOVE the spikes!!! Sarah

Meeks said...

Glad that the chocolate arrived ok. It's fun that you are addicted to runway. Hehehe. I hope you decided to buy the app because it is so much easier to play than the free one. Hope all returns to normal at your place and everyone gets better. I just can't seem to shake what I have got, so back to the doctors tomorrow I think


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