16 June 2010

Life at the window

What thoughts lie behind these beautiful eyes? As he hovers at the window, does he dream, like me,  of a faraway land, where the summer sun shines, and winter ails and colds are but a distant memory?

Gazing out of a window is a glimpse into so many other worlds.

We can gaze out of our own house windows taking in all of nature, watching plants swaying in the breeze, seeing how the seasons change brings different and unique colour throughout the year.

At the huge windows of an airport terminal we watch planes taking travellers on all kinds of adventures and bringing them safely home again.

At a ticket counter window, we pay for the pleasure of escapism into a movie or show where we forget our own life and become immersed in the stories unfolding before our eyes.

From a car window, we see the landscape ever changing, mountains, rivers and trees, rushing by at great speed.

And this particular window is just perfect for a young adventurer to find his feet.

To play a little.

To explore his surroundings, learning how a window works. Learning about limitations, for though we can see so much, we cannot ever grasp it until we move past the window and out into the world we look upon.

It is for us to discover that through the window is life that exists far beyond our wildest dreams.

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