17 June 2010

A talent grows....

I have been following with wonder and pride the growing talent of my brother Nic's photography.

He had only had his digital SLR camera a few weeks when he captured a great selection of photos on our Christmas break, not to mention the lovely family shots he captured of us at the Botanical Gardens.

Since his return to Sydney after the Christmas break, Nic has been making the most of every opportunity to get out with his camera (albeit apart from a few weeks when a speck of water got inside and it had to go to the camera doctor, I think he felt a bit like he'd lost a limb!). Here are a just few of my favourite shots poached from Nic's Flickr photo albums....(mine are not in high resolution so would be a lot more impressive with the full-size files)


And the man himself.....

God has sure given you an eye for a beautiful shot Nic. You have inspired me to want to take better photos, and I've learnt a few tips and tricks from your talent (note the stack of stones in Nic's shots is similar to the photo in our blog header!) I hope that you can continue to get much enjoyment from developing and exploring your talent. And when you get to Europe later in the year, I'll be praying that others will be able to recognise your talent too :-)
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