21 November 2010

My Summer Bucket List 2010

1. Eat lots of fresh produce from the garden - keep growing lil garden!

These did taste as good as they look!
2. Make cool Christmas crafts - (I've cheated a little with this one since we already got a headstart this weekend)

3. Take the boys to a local beach for the day - just got to wait for that elusive warm, not windy opportunity - like on this day 3 years ago!

4. Make a cool necklace at a Bead shop - I can't believe I've never done it!

5. Go someplace in Wellington we've never been - like the Ataturk Memorial or to the top of Mt Kaukau. There's always more to explore right on our doorstep, and I for one wanna try and see it all!

6. Take the kids on the ferry to Days Bay - hopefully we'll see some dolphins on the way!

7. Get me some cool family pics taken by my very talented bro when we holiday together this Christmas. If his first foray into portraiture is anything to go by with his Swiss friend Rico in Sydney recently, we're sure to get a few goodies!

8. Not taking for granted the ever changing views from our house

9. Rekindle my love of reading and finish at least one book. And if you were only going to get the chance to read ONE book this summer, what would it be?!

10. Eating outside on still summer evenings, BBQs, homemade burgers, Radlers and wine chilled to perfection.

And even though it would be great to think that life is all about having fun and we need never do anything vaguely boring and mundane - I think we know better. We know that sometimes 'real life' rears its ugly head and just muscles its way right in on our fun. So in acknowledgement of that, these two things are gonna have to be fitted in somewhere along the way...

-Paint the bathroom...this cracked paint ain't gonna fix itself. And it's definitely worse since last time I moaned about it!

                                          Then                                                 And now.....................

-Waterblast all this green gunk away...

But hopefully there will still be plenty of time left over to....

Hear the first cicada chirp
See the first pohutukawa bloom
Smell freshly mown grass and warm tarseal after light summer rain
Taste peas fresh from the pod, and cherry tomatoes so juicy they explode on the tongue
Feel the warmth of the sun on bare skin.

So come on in Summer 2010, you are very welcome here.

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