03 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Thankful

Although laid up in bed for 3 days with a nasty virus which started on Sunday and had me looking like some kind of alien life form:

I'm still thankful.

For this beautiful view from my sickroom

For this morning treat, the perfect latte made by me, just for me.

For the chance to catch up on some required reading.....yawn...

And some more reading for fun....now that's more like it.

For having a few of these left lying around to complete....

For just missing my scheduled cable car.
Which meant I had a few more minutes up my sleeve
to  glory in the profuseness of pink

For these wisps...someone's hair might be getting closer to a cut..
NOOOOOOOOO..........................say it isn't so......

Celebrating the first fruits of the garden (or vegetables in this case)

Remembering how much I love this necklace (thanks English Dad!)

And the fact I could almost pass for human again.....phew.

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