31 October 2010

Sight for sore eyes

One very swollen, oozing, painful, bloodshot eye is peering along with the good one at the computer tonight. So I'll make this quick. And no photo evidence sorry, as I am truly a sight for sore eyes. I know this because Mark keeps wincing when he looks at me :-(

The past few weeks have taken their toll - meeting some additional deadlines by working from home in the evenings as well as a few too many late nights blogging all adds up to one run down body telling me enough is enough.

So whilst I find I have pretty good mental endurance to keep going and going like a poor Everready bunny beating its drum, its always my body that finally gives out one way or another. It knows (far better than I do) that it is the only way to make me stop when I would otherwise just keep going at 100 miles an hour through life.

Combine the most wicked case of conjunctivitis I have ever seen on anyone (yay for me!) with the rather underwhelming dining experience that we had at Gusto on Friday night (shame as we hardly ever get to do 'dinner for two' and we were really looking forward to it), and it makes for a forgettable weekend.

I'm off for an early night with my tea bag compress, and a trip to the doctor in the morning awaits.

I hope you all had a more upbeat weekend..!

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Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon x HUGS :)


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