04 October 2010

Busy Busy Busy

For some reason, this weekend seemed way busier than normal. Anyone that knows us well knows we usually pack a good deal into the standard 48 hours. But this weekend was jam-packed even by our standards.

Here's the rundown:

Grocery shopping with 2 kiddlywinks whilst Mark vaccumed, polished and cleaned at home. Home to unpack the shopping. Coffee on the run. Dress up in pirate costumes. Off to pirate show. Home for a quick bite. Some sandpit play. Out to Karori Pool. Swim, spa and hydroslide. Noah got so brave the two of us rode it about twelve times! Gardening out front for about an hour and a half. Boys rode out to get compost. Swimming gear washed. Ribs for the boys and salmon for me for dinner. Some overdue self beauty therapy - eyebrows and toenails. Hair straightened. Movie watched. A few stretches before bed - to prevent gardening aches and pains.

And that was just Saturday......

Onto Sunday.......

Noah and I to church. Home for lunch. Gardening out back for about 2 hours. Plant pots scrubbed. Flaxes, olive trees, hebe trimmed. Mark out to indoor football semi final. Noah watched Return of the Jedi. Some rough and tumbling with the boys. Risotto cooked and devoured. Soup made for the week. More washing. Hot baths. Boys in bed. Matchstick eyes concentrating on computer.

Audible exhale....and that my friends was the weekend!

I definitely could have done with a mid-afternoon nap
like this little dude. If there had have been room
I would have happily climbed in beside him!


Neill and Rosemary Fletcher said...

well well well... how DO U DO IT!!! quite exhausting just reading your list let alone DOING YOUR LIST...very cute pic of Mylo asleep - couldnt we ALL do with that kind of NAP every day???

Sarah said...

Phew! Well done! Afternoon naps rock - gorgeous pic :)


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