01 October 2010

A Vlog for Project Smile

I'm linking up to the first ever Project Smile Party over at Alicia's A Beautiful Mess.

There have been so many smiles for me this month, my baby turning one, a visit from Nana & Poppa, and the signs of spring which abound.

But there was no smile bigger than the grin on my face upon hearing this tune and putting together this little video.

I am totally in love with this new tune. It ROCKS!

This song makes my heart want to soar. If I close my eyes, I could be flying high above the clouds looking down on a white sky. Or lying on my back looking up at the sky on a summer day, giddy with happiness and dizzy with summer haze.

This is a dance remix just released by Basement Jaxx of "White Sky" (original band Vampire Weekend).

It's showcased today with a little help from my small friends :-)

FYI, you have hang in there till 1 min 15 for the song to really take off - it's worth it! And also look out not long after that for the cutest, coy smile when a wee birthday boy realises the celebration is for him!

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