20 October 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday - Flowers after all

 I just scraped in!

I didn't think I would be able to make this week's floral theme (c/o Claire at Green Valley Crafts), as I was wearing usual work gear today, not a flower in sight.

But after a bath with the 2 little dudes and a quick change, I'm off out for dessert with a friend to Lone Star in a minute, and suddenly realised, 'hey I've got flowers on'.

So here's my late, but not too late Wardrobe Wednesday contribution.

Shoes: The Warehouse
Jeans: Jay Jays
White top: Primark (yup same one I had on last time I did an entry and yes it has been washed inbetween!)
Green floral top: Temt

Apologies for the rushed, not great quality shots. Blame the useless camera (other one in getting fixed) and my haste at needing to take a quick pic on my way out the door!

1 comment :

Sarah said...

You are amazing! You look gorgeous and I hope you have/had a lovely evening x


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