02 October 2010

Ahoy there me hearties!

Today was SO. MUCH. FUN!

Even if I was the ONLY pirate over five feet tall at the show. I mean, amongst all the Wellington parents who attended, was no-one else even slightly tempted to release their inner pirate for the day? I must admit I did debate whether I really was game enough to do it. But after my aunty suggested the $2 shop for accessories via Facebook in the week and it didn't disappoint, I was totally on board (ha ha) with the idea!

The show is running for 2 weeks over the school holidays at Circa Theatre in Wellington and at $10 a ticket is pretty well-priced.

The thing I loved MOST about this show was the improvisation. The 3 pirate actors must have so much fun seeing an entirely different storyline develop each day depending on where the audience takes the show. Here's what made it so entertaining:

  • They asked us our favourite colour? Green = Captain Greenbeard
  • And our favourite animal? Tiger = Evil Captain Randalf the Tiger
  • And the name of the ship? The Good ship Jody (one of the mum's names in the audience)
  • What animal could help save the pirates from some sharks? A lion - the pirates rode on the back of the lion past the circling sharks all the way to land. Where he promptly turned on them and chased them all the way to Rome
  • Whilst shipwrecked in Rome they discovered their buried treasure was buried somewhere in Australia. But how to get there?
  • On a magic pizza carpet of course. Various slices of different flavoured pizza held together by melted cheese.

Anyway, without ruining the story completely, you can see how much fun we all had being part of the pirate crew, singing YO HO during the sea shanties, helping dig for the buried treasure, spying on Captain Randalf the Tiger with our looking glasses, being the waves of the storm, and the tentacles of a monstrosity squid.

When the pirates finally found their buried treasure which included a coupon for a new ship for them and their enthusiastic crew, we helped rename it the Good Ship Mustachio.

Oh what a blast.

And some lovely mother and son bonding time to boot.


Gail said...

yay you for dressing up and getting into it! It's those things that our kids will remember - great memory maker!

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

You are THE BEST sport ever! What a fabulous Mummy you are and it looks like a great show - might have to check it out with the girls and make sure we wear our pirate patches ;) x


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