25 November 2010

When 'Eeeew!' only goes so far.

Warning: reader discretion advised. Anyone with a delicate consumption may want to skip this post.

The other night me and the boys were outside watering the garden. I spotted something that looked a little like cat poo lying in a corner on the concrete. But then got immediately distracted by Noah stamping on a dead snail and squashing it.
I told him it was a bit silly as Mylo might decide to pick it up and eat it (like the time when I found him crunching merrily on a snail), so I asked Noah to go and get a trowel so we could pick the debris up and throw it in the garden. He dutifully obliged. And away went the snail - out of sight, out of reach.

I continued, pottering about my watering business, filling up the watering can, watering plants.

Then I noticed Mylo had gone a little quiet, and his mouth looked suspiciously full. I had momentarily forgotten about the 'cat poo' but suddenly it was top of my mind again. I rushed over and put my fingers in his mouth to fish out whatever was in there.

Sure enough, a very dirty looking oval shaped caramel object came out.

At this point, I did scream.


Mark rushed to open the kitchen window to find out what the heck was going on.

I meanwhile, held back my inner thoughts of vomiting (although TOTALLY grossed out at this point) to do some quick detective work.

I picked up the 'cat poo' with the trowel, firstly to get it out of Mylo's reach and secondly to get a closer look.

And yes, I did sniff it. I kinda had to know?!

And got an overpowering whiff of lemon.......what the?!

Yep, not a cat poo.


But still, a dirty piece of lemon rind that had been there for who knows how long, and came from who knows where? (um yeah just to clarify, we're not in the habit of throwing our lemon rinds out the back door in case you were wondering!)

In all fairness Mylo, it was dinnertime, and you probably were hungry. And I know how much you loved your first taste of lemon, as just last weekend you happily devoured a whole half a lemon, including most of the skin.

But really, a dirty lemon rind? I know what you're gonna say to that Mylo, it was way better than cat poo right?


Yep, you're mischievous AND you know it!


Sarah said...

So funny to read! Poor you! What a story! Brilliantly retold! And those photos are brilliant!

Leonie said...

oh how funny! maybe not for you at the time but thank goodness it was lemon, not cat poo. the things our children put us through!!

Widge said...

yeah so my Noah actually DID eat poo once...sure wish it was the lemon!!
hehe Oh felt your pain of panic ;)


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