28 November 2010

When he wears it better....

When I saw Paisley Jade's awesome crochet cap created here, I was a little gutted as only the day before I'd bought one on sale at Kathmandu, but it wasn't HALF as cool as hers.

So I said as much in my comment, kinda hoping she might put it up for sale in her felt shop. You should totally check out some of her other clever creations!

And so she did. Last weekend. My fingers couldn't push the buy button fast enough. And even though she clearly had had a rough as week feeling very under the weather, this lovely gal still managed to get it in the post to me quick smart.

I got to try it on before it was confiscated for my Christmas stocking, but not before snapping a few pics. It's gonna be a much sought after accessory in our house, especially when no sooner had I taken it off my head than this little dude was playing to the camera. I can see I'm gonna have to fight him for it.

And I have a funny feeling that he might just wear it better too. Sigh.

Oh and a Happy Birthday to the very talented Paisley Jade for today ;-)


Sarah said...

What a beauty! How beautifully wrapped too! Paisley Jade is amazing! To make, wrap & post such a wondrous creation, battling a cold & keeping a busy home with four children to care for is incredible! Happy Birthday to Paisley Jade!!!!

And nice hat Meghan! x

PaisleyJade said...

You are totally rocking that hat!!! Thanks so much!


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