09 December 2010

Giveaway: In The Words of a Kiwi Summer

I am so excited right now. Can ya feel it, the excitement? It is literally oozing out of my fingers as they madly trip over each other in their haste to get the message out there.

Cos yee ha everyone, we're having a giveaway...!

And what better way to ease into the season of good cheer and goodwill to man than to win your very own Kiwi summer print? Perfect timing don't ya think!

Print actual size: 27.5 x 35cm (11" x 14")

And I gotta tell ya why it feels like the MOST perfect timing for me to be having a giveaway. Why you ask?Oh no real reason other than the fact I won two different giveaways this week.......! Yup you heard me. TWO! Unbelievable huh. I'm still pinching myself. Ow.

Firstly Delightfully Divaish's $20 Harpsters Voucher. Go check out some of the cute items that are for sale by Harpsters at Little Kiwi's Nest. I already know exactly what I'm spending my voucher on. But its gotta be secret squirrel since the recipient of my purchase might well be reading this!

Then today, I won the coolest T-shirt I have ever laid eyes on. It REALLY rocks. Really.Swarovski crystals and all. Gulp!

I've been reading Enjoying the Small Things blog since the birth of Kelle's second baby girl earlier this year. Her blog is at the very top of my list of favourite reads. Along with 8,000 odd other followers who clearly feel the same way.

I have laughed and cried my way through her amazing journey. Every single post is so insightful, refreshing, and so full of life. But I don't often comment on her blogs. By the time I read them, I'm usually commenter #578 and I just know that even if Kelle is an amazing speed reader who has magical powers to conjure up more than 24 hours in a day, the reality is it's unlikely she gets time to read all the wonderful comments people leave her.

So...you can imagine my delight when I posted a comment the other day, and being quick off the mark, I actually made it to #2. And believe me there were a LOTTA comments. Try 1,091 for size!

Anyway, getting waaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic here. Yesterday Kelle had a giveaway for four commenters to win a T-shirt from On My Side. And guess what?! I was one of the lucky four who won, out of 1,091! Not bad for a little kiwi chick from down under the other side of the world. I can't wait for this to arrive in the post!


So with all the good karma going round in my world of late, it's definitely time for me to be returning the giveaway love, dontcha think?!

If you'd like to be in to win, here's what you have to do:

1. Become a follower of MNM's (if you're not already!). To do that, all you have to do is click on the 'Follow' icon at the top right of the blog and follow the instructions. You'll need a gmail or twitter account or the like.


2. Comment on this post and tell me what you love most about a Kiwi summer.

The competition will be open until 7pm NZ time on Sunday December 19th. Winner drawn randomly through http://www.random.org/.

The print will be sent unframed in a tube roll so you can frame/display as you please.
I'll try to get the print in the post to the lucky winner before Christmas!

Good luck!


Gail said...

Talk about FAVOUR!! You must have taken it from Widgey!!!
Please can I win this!!

What's not to love about a kiwi summer ..... the beach, lazy lunches on the deck, hammocks, summer fruit, summer tunes, pohutakawa trees in full bloom, camping...... the list goes on!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations! Awesome news! Love, love this print! Super clever and gorgeous. My fab thing about summer, that is so particular to NZ, has to be the Pohutukawa trees :) x

PaisleyJade said...

I saw your name on Kelle's blog post today and was so happy to see a Kiwi girl there!!

The things I love about summer - family gathering together from near and far, BBQ's, Pavlova and whipped cream, beach trips and strawberries!!

Tracey Easte said...

whats not to love about kiwi summer - beach, sunshine, ice cream, sand under your toes, late warm nights, smiling, happy people Xmas time:)

Leonie said...

I love kiwi summers! daylight savings, pohutakawa blooms, camping, bbqs, cricket on the back lawn, hanging with the family, nice cold nz wine.. oh the list is endless... but mostly because its warm (but not stifling hot like in Brisbane!)

Widge said...

Wow CONGRATS!!! that's awesome!!
love your print its cool.
my fave thing about summer is warm nights with a corona and my man ;)
also cherries.
I looove fresh cherries

tracey easte said...

yah! I manage to successfully add myself as a follower finally!

Leesh said...

Been a follower for awhile now :) The thing I love most about a kiwi summer is not friends, fun, sand, surf and BBQ's... but indeed the 5 weeks I get to spend at my Caravan up north, with my family xx gotta love it.


Penny said...

Yeah lucky you! I haven't won a giveaway yet.

I love strawberries and mangoes, swimming, the beach (after 4pm), longer days, ice cream

Sammy said...

Me me me! How can I have missed this?
Hmmm..kiwi summer- I guess just the warmth and I love the humidity up her in Akld (I know. I am a freak)
And strawberries and corn. Yum!

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

I am going to comment on a slightly different theme... what I miss about a kiwi summer - I miss the pohutukawa trees the most, followed by Otago apricots, golden queen peaches, and NZ fish and chips followed by Kaffee Eis ice cream...


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