16 December 2010

Giveaway Reminder: Grab yourself a little slice of Kiwi Summer

Just a reminder you still have 3 days to enter the giveaway for my original design 'In the Words of a Kiwi Summer' print. The draw is just for the print (frame design up to you) but here's what it could look like framed on your wall.

And I've decided to make life a little easier in case becoming a 'follower' scared the pants off all you lovely people who I know are out there that always read the blog but aren't quite ready to make that leap! Jeepers what is it with me and pants this week? One minute I'm nearly wetting my pants the next I'm scaring them all off you. Ha ha ha.

So, to make it easier for any long-time readers who do want to enter, all you have to do now to be in to win is comment on the original post by clicking here.
Thanks to all the lovely commenters who have already entered the draw. Winner will announced on Sunday night after the draw at 7pm.

P.s. I will post internationally too.

Good luck peeps!

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