26 December 2010

A wonder of my world

I love this place. Love spending time here. Any time of the year. Each season is so different, the colours changing, the leaves turning, but the beauty remains the same.

I can't think of a nicer way to spend Christmas Eve afternoon than time at one of the wonders of my world. With some of my favourite people. Our dear friends Tracey & Dayne and kids live in the Hawkes Bay these days and we don't often get to see the whole family very often. But it was wonderful seeing the kids running around together, and playing as if they had seen each other just yesterday.

And the gardens didn't disappoint. But I'm not sure they ever would?!

Water explored in every possible way. In fountains, pools, ponds and waterfalls. Fish, eels and even a possum sighting. The warm day an invitation to have some fun experimenting with water. An empty pool in the American garden providing some slippery structures to climb all over.

What a lovely way to start our holiday.


1 comment :

Elizabeth said...

Awesome photos - love the Hamilton gardens!


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