18 January 2011

Good in the Hood

As I went to bed on Sunday night after that sweetness and light rant, God whispered in my ear and reminded me of all the people struggling with real tragedy (not the least of which are in Queensland), and I was humbled. Needed to ask for more of His perspective, and less of mine.

And we are feeling better, thanks.

We've both taken a day off each to spend with the poorly boy (who in all honesty could have gone back today but it's better to be safe than sorry with pukey bugs and daycare have a 48 hour exclusion anyway). I think Mark drew the short straw as his day yesterday was a lot tougher than mine. Just quietly, we had a whale of a day today. It's not often Mylo and I share one-on-one time so even if it is a sick day, I'll take it!

It's been unseasonably muggy here, but with the odd shower and rain threatening all day. And it wasn't totally unproductive as I got a bit of work done during nap times. Since Mylo was in better spirits, we even took a trip out to Junglerama this afternoon to escape the house for an hour. The ball pit was a big hit. Mah boy just LOVES balls. And yes I do know how that sounds! The big bouncy slide got a big tick too. He was happy as larry to throw himself down headfirst - with me trying to hold onto his legs and bouncing down after him like some kind of ungainly spider, arms and legs and hair going everywhere.

His favourite part of the day by far was a wee test drive of the car when we got home. He loves it. Loves it. Let's hope we don't have a boy-racer hiding inside that neat little package aye?! Apologies for the blurry photos, all taken in a semi-dark garage with the iPhone!

Where do you wanna go Mum?

A safe place for a special friend - that's Bunny to the rest of you

Oh hi Bob...yep I'll be at the BBQ Saturday, thanks for the invite.

Hey Mum, Punch Buggy!

Fancy a change in tune?

OK Mum, I'll admit it, I think I might be lost. You'd better take over.

And how much older does my little guy look after his haircut....where has my baby gone?!

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About Last Weekend said...

Hi there, nice to meet you, from Jody in Oakland, CA USA. Lovely to have landed on your blog and hear about your life and wonderful pictures...Love today's title - classic!


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