31 January 2011

Morning Monsters: Lyrical Sunday

Morning Monsters

I awake groggy to the sound of an alarm
Already a monster at work in my head
The one who whispers and pins me down
Saying ‘you don’t want to get out of a warm bed’

But I shrug off his hold, put on my clothes
Listening to an even more terrifying sound
A rattle at the windows, a screeching in the air
An invisible monster is all around

Am I mad to go outside and face this beast?
Today it seems I must be
But I brace myself and open the door
Stepping out tentatively

The monster spits at me
Like pinpricks it stings my face
No-one in their right mind
Would dare to put him in his place

He constantly catches me off guard
Each footstep a struggle to put  here or there
And when he sends his worst at me
I’m left hovering, stationery in the air

Around each corner brings a new surprise
Will the monster await me round this bend?
And then when I least expect it
The monster suddenly becomes my friend

For when the monster is at my back
I find myself surging ahead
The violent battering stops in its tracks
Becoming an encouraging shove instead

When I at last reach home again
Four solid walls keep the monster at bay
I realise although my morning battle is over
It will just have to be fought again another day

I didn't take any photos of my crazy early morning outing but this was the exact pose the monster caught me in several times today! 

Linking up to Catching the Magic's Lyrical Sunday with this week's theme of Monsters..

1 comment :

Sarah said...

Ha, ha! Brilliant! It was crazy windy this morning! Did you venture out for a run in it?!!! So glad the day ended beautifully. Thanks for linking up and I loved your poem (you write so lyrically most of the time x).


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