23 February 2011

Every little helps...

Helplessness. It's been the most overwhelming feeling that has overtaken most of us since 12.51pm yesterday. Far physically removed from the destruction by hundreds of kilometres. But still.... wanting to help.

So far, the response has been amazing. A tribute to this country where every one of us is no more separated than 2 degrees it is said. No-one is unaffected. This reaches far and wide. Into the heart of every Kiwi.

Do let this bring out the best in you, fellow New Zealanders. Do what you can. A heavy heart can still be an open and productive one.

Don't let the overwhelming feelings of helplessness paralyse you.

Donate. Cash or belongings.

Make. Softies for children (like Leonie and others are).

Do. Open Your Home to the Homeless. Plan a sponsored walk (like Gail is).

Give. Your Time. And Your Prayers.

Think outside the box.


Don't give up.

Tonight our life group met. Especially to pray.

It's the least we could do. But we do know that every prayer that rises heavenward is heard. There IS power in prayer.

Practically, we also heard via Facebook about the truck that ARISE church in Wellington are organising to send to Christchurch. The truck will leave on the ferry tomorrow night. So at short notice tonight, from what we could get together from our own homes, we put together what we could based on the requested list of needs. Do you live in Wellington, could you help too? Here's the link.

It's only a little bit.

But every little helps...

And it's every little bit that will see this city restored and its people back on their feet.

Brick by brick. Street by street. Day by day.

Let's all be a part of making that happen.


Gail said...

yes, power in prayer - He hears and He moves!!

PaisleyJade said...

Prayer is so powerful!! Loving what Arise Church are doing (John Cameron rocks). xoxo


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