05 February 2011

Saints Alive - that were good!

Take 4 people.

 A mummy and a daddy.

And their mummy and daddy visiting from far, far away.

Make it Friday night. Seven thirty would be a good time.

Give them an easy-to-find car park right across the road. Which will surprise them no end given its Sevens night in Wellington and the city is heaving.

Give them a quiet area of the restaurant far away from the noise of the bar and a table by the window. It will have a view of the new waka to be unveiled at Sunday's Waitangi celebrations, and a cheeky outlook onto the big screen showing the Sevens.

Take some tempura lime and chilli prawns for starters.

Followed by 2 massive 400g prime rib steaks, a venison Wellington, and a fish,crayfish and scallop selection. Don't forget the shoestring fries with aioli.

Give them a break after dinner, to chat some more while they consider if there could possibly be room for dessert. They'll work out there's really not much so they'll just share one Boca Negra - chocolate fudge cake with Pinot Noir strawberries between them all.

What does all this add up to? A night they will never forget at Saint Johns Bar. They'll declare it the best meal they've had in ages. And they'll be right.

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