14 February 2011

Love is...

It's the day of love today...so what better day

To  share a few random thoughts that came to me on what

Love is.................

Making me a coffee when I need it most.....

Wiping bogeys from little green noses

Picking up the same toys from the floor a thousand times over

Seeing a new experience through your eyes

Putting aside the housework even though I'm only half finished 
To play 'hide the monkey' with you

Teaching you to ride your bike

Giving you the bowl to lick even though I love it too

Seeing you enjoy a special day out with grandparents

Calming your midnight fears and putting your warm snuggly body back to bed

Love is...all these things. And so much more. 

I love with a human heart. An inherently flawed and guilt ridden organ. 

Some days its beat is so strong it's pounding fair takes my breath away.  

On other days it barely registers a pulse. 

On those days I know that a greater love is flowing through my veins,

 even though I may not feel it. 

It's what I hold onto.

Knowing that even at it's strongest my love is but a grain of sand 

Compared to the vast and never ending shores of His love.
And There will never be a greater love than His son. No not one.

Love is the arms that are holding me.

Love will protect. Love always hopes. Love still believes when I don't.

When my heart won't make a sound. When it can't turn back around. When the sky is falling down. 

Love will sustain. Love will provide. His love will not cease at the end of time.  
Love is right here. Love is alive. Love is the way truth and life.

Love is the place I can fly to. Love never fails me....

Nor will it fail you.
All heart images from weheartit
Some words in this post from a song by Brandon Heath called Love Never Fails

Linking up with Sarah from CatchingtheMagic's Lyrical Sunday, with this week's theme of Love.



PaisleyJade said...

Sooooooooo beautiful! Love it.

Sammy said...

Beautiful post- loved it ♥

Catching the Magic said...

Oh Meghan, this is so beautiful. You nearly got me all choked up! Such beautiful pictures you chose to accompany the words. Ah, you are so wonderful. Your boys are so blessed to have you. Thanks for linking up (I've discovered a free linky after Linky Tools went commercial!). Love to you all x

About Last Weekend said...

Hi there, what a great list! Love the heart in the sand and your words...beautiful...


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