07 February 2011

What's new with you kiddo?

Is it really possible you've only been alive for 504 days?

Five hundred days of magic and wonder.

Of laughter and exasperation. There have been both tears of joy and ones of frustration.

We've grown to love the total pickle-ish-ess-ness of your personality. Oh how you make us laugh. You have the funniest expressions.

And I don't think I've ever seen anyone able to scowl quite as well as you can.

We love your obsession with cars and wheels. And doors. And anything with buttons to press.

And balls, let's not forget balls!

We love your independence, wanting to feed yourself. And we love how much you love fruit - and how (well how can I say this delicately?) interesting that makes your nappies.

We love how you have embraced baby sign language and can tell us so many things:
  • More - one finger  pointing into other open palm 
  • Please - flat palm patting chest
  • Milk - one hand squeezed together as if milking a cow  
  • Eat - fingers and thumb pressed together at mouth
And you always tell us when you have Finished - frantic shaking of hands as if trying to dry them off. We love that you can ask us 'Where?' something is, and how you can point to where your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair and puku (Maori word for tummy) is.

We love how you wave night night and bye bye and blow kisses to us all.

We love how your vocabulary is starting to grow and you can say cat, ball, bike, car and vroom-vroom now.  But your favourite two words at the moment are definitely bubble and pop.

Maybe that's why we thought it'd be fun for Grandad to buy you a little bubble fountain so you could say bubble and pop to your heart's content.

We love how you have taken to riding your little trike around following Noah on his running bike, and how you think you're definitely big enough to have light saber battles with your big brother.

And that you're big enough to do anything that he's doing for that matter....

It's so sweet how much you want to be a part of the action. We need to work on the 'sharing' part a little, but that will come in time. With lots of gentle reminding.

We love how much you love your bunny (if you can call dragging him around in your mouth love that is!).

And how you love cuddling any soft toys. It is so cute how you bring them to your chest in a giant bear hug and cuddle them into your neck so there is absolutely no doubt how much you love them.

We loved Noah so much when he arrived, that I wondered how it could be possible to love another little person as much. But you have taught us a very important lesson about love.

Love doesn't divide, it multiplies.

So here we are. 500 days into a wider, deeper love than we ever knew could exist.

Face it kiddo, we love everything about you.


Dee said...

boys are SO precious huh? (makes me sad when pregnant mamas always hope for the girl-child as their preference)
and snap! my kids have all done the baby signs in the exact same way. well, except for the "milk" on...i purposely avoided letting them in on communicating that!! lol

a beautiful family indeed~

Penny said...

O he's just gorgeous and looks like such a cute character. Glad you're enjoying him!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. My youngest (14 mos) cuddles soft toys the same way...it's so precious!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful celebration of your gorgeous boy! I was giggling, and remembering some of the things my own bubba boy was doing at that same age. I'm so glad you are savouring every moment - it truly goes too fast!! He is adorable! xx

Simoney said...

This is a wonderful post Meghan!!
What beautiful pictures and sentiments. SWEET.

PS I see you are making the most of PHOTOSCAPE! LOL

Sammy said...

Hi Meghan, just awarded you a bloggy award (you only accept it if you wanb to) xx


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