06 December 2011

The Secret Recipe: How to Make it Snow in the Summer

Uh excuse me, what is that you've found?!

Oh so that's how you wanna play it....right that's it!

You two are gonna get it! 

How could I turn down the opportunity for a spontaneous indoor snowball fight?

By turning a blind eye to the absolute mess all the cotton was leaving on the carpet for a start!

Which, in case you were wondering required about ten minutes of fairly vigorous vacuuming afterward to remove the evidence (but that's a minor insignificant detail in the grand scheme of all the fun that was had!)

So choosing instead to focus on the extreme fun we were having.

And when the fight was over, an impromptu foot massage ensued.

Before we all came out for Round 2 snowball fight..ding ding!

Which lasted until some little people had the bright idea 
that they might just be able to pass for Mr Clause himself.

And, in case you were wondering, there was a reason I had the cotton wool out in the first place before a certain little two-year old got his grubby but cute little mitts on it and created merry havoc......

which was to create my very own picture postcard scene, so I could look out my window and imagine myself surrounded by soft flakes floating silently to the ground. All credit to this original idea on Pinterest.

Oooo *rubbing hands in glee* I do love Christmas! Somehow all those creative genes that seem to be mostly dormant during the year seem to suddenly go on heat at this time of the year....hee hee!

p.s. If you haven't entered, you still have one more day to enter the Gorgeous Necklace Giveaway here which will be drawn tomorrow night...I'm already excited about seeing which lovely person will get to design and receive the necklace of their choice!


jacksta said...

Cat said...

so good!

Love and Light

Leonie said...

Cute lil boys!!!
LOVE the snowflake hanging... cool!!!

Jules said...

The snow looks gorgeous hanging in the window! And what a fun snowball fight!

dearfutureme... said...

Super cool idea! And good on you for not freaking about the cotton balls! (I think I would have!)

Simoney said...

very pretty!

Heather said...

Did you use nylon thread and cotton balls for this?


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