02 December 2011

Things I'm Loving 2.12.11

Going to Town
I forget from year to year how our Kirkcaldies department store in Wellington holds nothing back when it comes to celebrating Christmas. From the four animated windows outside with different moving scenes and themes, to the beautiful and tasteful decoration throughout the store, they really do make a spectacle worth the visit.

And that's before you even get to the Christmas Shop itself on the 2nd floor, where floor to ceiling is covered in everything you could possible want to decorate your Christmas and more (ludicrous prices of course but when you're not planning to buy anything, it's more fun anyway I reckon!).

I was a little surprised though that we had to hunt high and low for Santa who for some strange reason was not with the Christmas shop but was down on the 1st floor with all the kids toys.

Noah (pinch me, is he the same child from two years ago!) sat himself right down and had a grand old deep and meaningful with the Man in Red about all sorts of things (it sure helps visiting on a weekday at 4pm as there was no-one else round!). Apart from coming away with a pocket full of lollies, Santa managed to prise out of Noah that he might quite like some water balloons for Christmas. And wouldn't you know that Daddy just happens to have a bag of 100 in the cupboard from one of those 'Bag of Crap' sale days on 1-Day ages ago. Yep, you're easily pleased, my boy, and I think we'll keep it that way!

You might notice there is no little dude in the picture with Santa. Yeah, so that was because he took one look at Santa and ran off screaming in the other direction. I had to chase him down somewhere amongst the dress-up costumes, where he had his hands over his eyes and was shaking in fright. I must admit I did laugh at the reaction, mean mother that I am. With him safely in my arms, we walked slowly back over to where Noah was (under duress) so I could at least keep an ear on the conversation, whilst he spent the entire time with his face buried deep in my shoulder.

But, contrary boy that he can be, he'd suddenly recovered enough to want to wave to Santa as we left, and all the way home I got 'I scared Santa' followed by 'I love Santa', 'Scared Santa me' 'I love Santa'. I'm still not entirely sure which one it actually is!

Mission Impossible 4
Corny they may be. And full of mostly unbelievable stunts and action. But I do love the Mission Impossible movies. Number 2 was my absolute favourite. I loved the slow-motion fight scenes that Director John Woo did (filmed in and around Sydney, Australia). And I love the theme tune. Doo-doo-doo Doo-doo-doo Doo-doo-doo DO DO! I can't wait for Number 4 to come out later this month. I WILL be watching it. That is all.

The Storyteller
Loving the journey of writing from Noah's first day of school, 2nd August:

to this in just 3 months:

The fox was peeking out of the forest. I said to the fox can you come home with me? 
Yes said the fox. 

But my favourite slice of life story so far would have to be this one:

Once when I was a two year old I was just like my brother. 
My brother is annoying.

Ha ha, tell it like it is Noah!

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar
Christmas has come a little early to one person in our house this year. Our lovely James, Ann-Marie and Jack sent over a very cool lego advent calendar from the UK for Noah's Christmas present, and he was awfully excited to be able to have an early present and make his first creation on the morning of December 1st.

True love is....
When hubby knows me well enough to know that I, of all people, would actually totally appreciate a free-from-the-hotel shower cap being brought back after his 1-night work trip to Christchurch last week. I know it makes me sound like a total nana, but I don't care. When I go through the effort of straightening my hair, the last thing I want is it to go all frizzy in between washes while in the bath or shower, so yep I'm a shower cap kinda girl and I love that he thought of me enough to bring me a freebie back.

Letting it go
It took some discipline to stand back when we were decorating the tree, and not begin to immediately re-arrange things when this happened.

It screamed at my symmetrical, orderly loving nature to instantly fix it. But I didn't. I just watched and enjoyed their enjoyment of it all.

And of course, rearranged it all later when they weren't looking *grins*

And below is my favourite pic of the tree this year. As you can see I'm having all KINDS of fun with the new 35mm lens!

40 public winks
Loving that my guy will still hug Mama in public. Be still my beating heart.

Giving it away
And if you haven't already, don't forget to check out the gorgeous necklace giveaway I'm hosting that closes on Wednesday 7th December. Leave a comment letting me know which design you'd choose if you were the lucky winner, and one could be winging it's way to you very soon!

Oh and a happy weekend to you, and you, and YOU!

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Catching the Magic said...

Oh wow Meghan, what a delightful feast for the eyes this post is. I feel very Christmassy looking at your festive photos and reading your story of this year's meeting with Father Christmas! I laughed at the Christmas tree decorations going all on one branch and nodded with absolute agreement ;) The end result is very beautiful and glad lots of fun was had in the process!

Have a lovely weekend,

Sarah x

Tracey said...

Love the pic of you and NOah, and yes it is nice when the boys arent too cool to give mum a hug in public ... i reckon we mums need to make the most of this as i am sure there will come a time when this isnt the case .... enjoy the weekend xox

remaliah said...

I love this post! I smiled imagining the Santa scene :) What beautiful decorations. I think I get more (or 'as') excited than the kids to see stores decorated like this! Also agreed with you about the tree :) I guess next year will be my turn! Funnily enough I have almost exactly the same photo as you with your reflection in the Christmas ball. Mine's red too!! Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Oh you're too sweet Meghan! Love mumma cuddles from my boy!
And I GET IT about not rearranging the tree!! Haha :) why can't they see what they're doing!! I managed to hold myself back too - GO US!!
Your tree looks gorgeous as do your babes xxx

jacksta said...

Lots of cool things
Its so cute when they start writing.
And I think we all have go a rearrange the decorations after they've gone.

PaisleyJade said...

Precious - all of it! I started my own Christmas tree tradition last year... them waking up and finding it done in the morning! ha!!

Ms. Kate said...

Very proud of your little dude - what great writing. Beautiful christmas shots too <3

Sam said...

That's awesome writing there, you must be so proud of your little fella, and getting hugs in public - gorgeous! We have multiple decorations on some poor branches of our Christmas tree, drooping with the weight, but can't bring myself to move them either :)

dearfutureme... said...

Oh gosh, reading this post makes me wanna get my Christmas on! That 35mm lens is amazing - and you are doing amazing things with it! *adds 35mm lens to christmas list*.

Cat said...

oh I totally get the Christmas Tree decoration thing!!! ahhhhhhh...especially with boys!
a good thing to let go of though, i will think of you when the tree goes up here...
that last image of you and your little guy is gorgeous♥

loven' the list M
Love and Light

Amy said...

We are about to decorate our tree this afternoon, it has been up this Thursday, but I have been holding off as I know I will be all anal about where the decorations go. I will sit on my hands and just let them go I think... and then go back later and fix it.

Love the photos of your boys writing. And I laughed at the last one! Kids can be so honest can't they?!

Dawnee said...

Meghan! what a great post!!! Your pics were incredible!!! And it was awesome and adorable to about the ornaments all crammed together! I just had my grandkids help me decorate.... and boy was the tree lopsided!!! :) Glad I found you on the Things I'm Loving linky party! Following. :)

Nikki said...

Loving everything in this post! Especially the writing that Noah did! And the gorgeous photo of you two! xxxxxxx

Leonie said...

what a beautiful post Meghan! I love all that Christmassy gorgeousness.
My youngest used to react the same to Santa... imagine her horror when he 'popped' out of a door in the mall one day and almost crashed into her - she was a shaking screaming mess.. but a couple of years later and she's forgiven him.
The photo of you and Noah is stunning!
And as for the tree... totally can relate...

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