17 July 2012

As promised...

After taking the time to put together the little video I had ready for celebrating 14 years of MNM's, I was a little gutted that I forgot to attach it to last week's Things I'm Loving post until after most people probably had read it.

I guess I could easily blame the 50-60 hour weeks I've been working lately, or the flu that knocked me sideways last Friday and despite that I still somehow struggled into work to be on the panel for 3 recruitment interviews that had been scheduled that day. Either that, or I just plain forgot...in the end it really doesn't matter.

So if you didn't get the chance to watch on Friday's post, hopefully you might have the chance to sit down with a cuppa for five minutes and enjoy (if nothing else) the beautiful music that set the scene for our day 8 years ago.

Halfway through you'll see I wasn't kidding when I said it was a WINDY day!

Enjoy and a very Happy Tuesday to y'all!


Leonie said...

beautiful Meghan. I couldn't watch it all because my connection isn't very good... but you looked stunning.
I can't believe you are working 50-60 hour weeks! eek!
Hope you feel better soon.

jacksta said...

very sweet Meghan

Anonymous said...

naww beautiful


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