03 August 2013

I'm shagged - who said weekends were for relaxing?

That's my word for the day. Shagged. It's not pretty but it's pretty apt.

I have absolutely nothing left in the tank. And tomorrow is going to be another massive day. So I will just have to will myself to wake up with fresh reserves from somewhere, and in the meantime reflect on the awesome-but-crazy that was today.

I'm in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher and rack, giving kids breakfast and making a smoothie.

I'm making my first coloured batch of yellow icing (I need to make 5 batches in different colours today!) for the Olympic Ring cupcakes for tomorrow's party. Mark walks down to the shop taking Noah on his scooter to get more milk for morning coffees - caffeine being an absolute necessity for the day that is to follow!

I'm onto batch number 2 - red this time.

Mark and Noah are out the door to football, I'm getting Mylo changed into his football gear and getting out of my PJ's ready to head out the door for a morning of football too.

Nana, Poppa, Mylo and I watch half an hour of Noah's football down in Karori. Noah plays great, getting into his tackling and running with the ball - fantastic for Nana & Poppa to see him playing so confidently for their first time watching him.

We leave Noah's football half way through so we can get to Happy Valley in time for Mylo's first Little Dribblers game of the season

Mylo plays his little heart out, listens well to the coach and gets amongst it, spurred on by the knowledge his Nana and Poppa are cheering him on from the sidelines today.

We arrive home - just in time to say bye to Mark and Noah who have been home from football, downed some lunch and are now going out to swimming lessons and to do the groceries.

I cook 3 eggs in toast with baked beans for lunch and then get back into the icing.

Batch 3 - green and Batch 4 - blue are cranked out. Then I run out of icing sugar.

I make a batch of ginger and cashew slice from The Petite Kitchen while waiting for my knight in shining armour to get home from the supermarket with more icing sugar. Nana, Poppa and Mylo play Junior Scrabble and Noah's new Doodle Dice game he got for his birthday.

I clean up the kitchen just in time for Mark to arrive home with the shopping. We discuss the fact the day has turned out much better than expected and decide to head for the hills. Well, to Zealandia anyway - as we've wanted to take Nana and Poppa here for ages - and as it's their only visit to Wellington this year we figure we'd better make the most of it.

We have a lovely time wandering the length and breadth of the amazing other world that is Zealandia. I am yet again blown away by the amazing bird song in the valley - it is never-ending, melodic, harmonic and complementary at the same time.

We arrive home - Mark whips up homemade burgers for dinner while I finally crack out the last batch of icing - black. I find myself sighing almost every 5 minutes by this point, I am bone tired and aching for a sit down. I spot the beginnings of a rainbow out the window and head upstairs to grab a pot-o-gold moment.

We eat and the boys have a quick bath, with the promise of a 'surprise' to come.

We head 15 minutes up the road to Newlands to watch the Petone Winter Carnival fireworks from a great vantage point. The highlight of the trip is Noah (who'd been trying to guess all afternoon what the 'surprise' was going to be) coming out with all sorts of crazy ideas as to what we might be doing. Just as we arrive at out destination, he figures it out - mainly cos he recognises the spot from when I took him here one other year to watch. I get the tripod set up to try and get some decent fireworks pics and snap away happily throughout. Mylo stands in awe holding Nana's hand speechless - he doesn't utter a word throughout the entire proceedings. I realise afterwards that this is his first ever time seeing a fireworks display.

We arrive home, tuck the boys in bed. I collapse on the couch and scull a glass of wine while I write this.

And with the big Olympic Games Party on, I'm not holding out any hope of any time spent with my feet up relaxing tomorrow either.

But hey I'm not complaining really. I know do it to myself, correction we do it to ourselves. But I'm not sorry that today we chose to suck the marrow out of each and every minute.

Am I utterly shagged and can barely see or think straight? Yuh-huh.

Was it worth it? You betcha.

Would I do it again? Ask me after 8 hours sleep and I might just say yes!


Jaz from Treacy Family said...


Love your photos

Sleep well xx

Leonie said...

It was exhausting reading it! Hope the party went well x


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