25 August 2013

On the field

While Daddy and Noah are still busy with the winter football season winding up, I've been taking Mylo along to this season of Little Dribblers football which is on Saturday mornings as well.

Last season he played Sunday afternoons in Karori and at times the competition was a bit lacking. I think in one game he'd scored 11 goals by half-time.

He'd done an earlier season before Christmas at this venue that we've come back to and we'd felt it was a far better run franchise so thought we'd give it another go.

The first five minutes or so are skills based where they play games like traffic light (green light = run fast, orange light = slow dribbling, red light = stop and put your foot on the ball).

Then they get into a game of about 10 minutes each side.

Some of the kids Mylo ends up playing against are up to a year if not two older than him.

Which I think is great experience for him. Having some real competition that is.

I can't remember if he's even scored a goal in the 3 weeks he's been playing. Maybe one at most. It doesn't matter in the slightest.

He's happy enough to take his turn in goal.

Although I do have to remind him from time to time to keep his eye on the ball - it's all too easy to be distracted by the prospect of swinging on the bar.

Me - I just get distracted by how cool my gumboots look every time I look at my feet.

He's still using that great left foot as these photos clearly show - as well it would appear having the ability to kick with his eyes closed.

Love that they make an effort to show sportsmanship with high fives afterwards too.

You can certainly see the height difference between Mylo and some of these much older girls.

Love the warm mild winter weather we've had for these first few weeks of the season, especially as I can clearly remember the spring season here last year being not for the faint of heart with the good old northerly fair ripping through the grounds each week and nearly knocking the wee kids off their feet.

Despite the fact having two lots of football and swimming makes for a very busy Saturday in our house, I wouldn't trade that for the opportunity to see this little guy out there in the sunshine running and kicking his little heart out.

Reason #1231 to love being a mum.

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Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Oh Meg Mylo is just the cutest!!!! Sooo photogenic.
You rocking some cool gummies girl xx


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