18 February 2014


A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

It was your first day back at Little Dribblers. And you were raring to go, scoring a goal in the first half by getting stuck in close to the goal. You were full of concentration, listening intently to instruction. Even the fat lip you got at daycare yesterday didn't dampen your enthusiasm to play.

During the game, I wanted to run on and pull your sock up. But you played on oblivious. We just love to watch you play.

You are almost unrecognisable from the timid, shy boy who started out playing the same Little Dribblers football and wouldn't let go of Daddy's hand some four years ago. These days you often dominate the field at your social Friday football games - the past two years of winter football ball skills and drills paying off and your height and stature on the field as one of the oldest kids in the team also give you a good advantage. And you have scored every single week you've been on the field, sometimes two or three times a game. This week, Daddy turned up at your game to surprise you, just in time to see you score your best goal of the season, one that even your hero Lionel Messi would have applauded.

We just love to watch you play.

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