07 February 2014

Things I'm Loving: Living our Summer Bucket List 2014

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

The other day the boys and I were reminiscing watching old video clips of them in younger times. There's years and years worth of clips to trawl through - some are nostalgic, some are hilarious and some are just plain cute. While watching them, we rediscovered some fun activities that we've done in the past that the boys were really keen to do again. Noah reminded me that there's other things we've talked about doing this summer and for fear of forgetting them, he thought we'd better write them down!

And in doing so, we've already managed to tick a few off the list since last week:

Water marbles

These are so much fun. I love watching them grow from a tiny dot into a 1cm soft squishy marble like substance in the space of a few hours just by immersing in water.

Honestly,  plunging your hand into a pile of these is so darn therapeutic - I highly recommend it. 

We then put ours in the bath and have all kinds of fun trying to pick up the elusive and 'invisible' clear ones and using the sieve and funnel to sort and scoop. It's cheap, fun entertainment!

Instant Snow 

We got sent this Insta-Snow a couple of years ago by Nikki over at Life's Wonderful Happenings. We'd used it a couple of times but it had been sitting forgotten about in the cupboard until our video reminiscing helped us rediscover the fun that can be had with this stuff.

Our friends Melman, Marty and Gloria look like they've ended up on the completely wrong continent - more like Antarctica than Africa.

Again, this is an incredibly fun sensory experience for your hands - the snow really does feel cool to the touch and squishes so softly through your fingers - it's quite delightful.

The longest drink in town

After our expedition to the bike park on a warm Sunday afternoon after church, we decided to go in search of one of those tall giraffe shakes. We were expecting it to be a bit hit and miss trying to find a dairy that actually had them, but you wouldn't you know as luck would have it, the first one we stopped at was THE ONE!

Such a Kiwi summer institution right there. Loving it. 

Wet wet wet

Another request from Noah was to put the sprinkler under the trampoline.

The afternoon was only just warm enough though with a south easterly blowing a coolness through the air.

But still warm enough to jump and slip and slide for a good half hour or so.

Even Dad got in on the action for a bit!

Create your own movies with Toontastic

The Toontastic App is a great way for kids to let their imaginations run wild on the iPad creating their own stories. A couple of years back we had a go at this and when we replayed the video of it the other day the boys were raring for another go. This time we downloaded a Kung Fu Panda version and the boys had fun creating their own take on the classic movie. I loved their cute little voices doing the narration!

And still to tick off on our Summer 2014 bucket list:

Sushi outing for lunch
Patricia's pies
A jaunt to Somes Island

Because, of course, a bucket list is not a bucket list if there's not more on there to tick off right!

So, tell me,  do you have an official or unofficial Bucket List of things you want to do this summer - and how many have you ticked off already?!!

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