12 February 2014

What we're loving on the box: Must watch TV

We aren't TV addicts but we do like a good series with a bit of depth. Whilst Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Homeland and Call the Midwife are among some of our favourites, they're all in-between series right now so we've been trying to find others to get into instead. Here's a sneak peek of what we've been enjoying since Christmas:

I was a bit slow to the party in loving this show. Mark watched and I had half an eye on it without really paying too much attention. Also Sherlock is not to be confused with the cheesy American version either let's just get that clear! In my humble opinion season 3 (I don't think it's been on NZ TV yet though) was particularly brilliant. My favourite episode was the one with the wedding scene - what a brilliant mind that man has! This show is such a quirky, sarcastic yet fun take on an old school hero that everyone loves - you can catch season 2 on TV One on Saturday nights.

Sneak preview: The wrong mans
This show hasn't made to NZ yet but if it does, it is worth a watch when it does. Mark watched a few episodes in the UK and convinced me to watch the whole series. It follows two unlikely, bumbling council workers who get inadvertently caught up in crime, conspiracy and corruption. With six half hour episodes in the whole series, it's a very quick watch and the best laughs are in the sheer ineptitude of the unlikely heroes attempts to cope with the melodrama that spirals further and further out of their control.

The Following
We both enjoyed the first series of this show although we had  mixed feelings about the shock ending at the end of the season. It's a pretty dark watch in places, the basic premise of the show being Kevin Bacon's character Ryan Hardy having to stay one step ahead of serial killer Joe Carroll and all his crazy messed up cult followers. There's no holds barred in terms of big characters being kept alive or killed off so you really are watching with your heart in your mouth a lot of the time wondering what's going to happen next. It'll be interesting to see how the show develops further in season 2, which has just started back in NZ, Monday nights on TV ONE at 9.30pm.

The Blacklist
This one is new to TV - the show has just started last week on TV3, Sunday nights at 8.30pm. It's a bit early to say if it'll be as good down the track, (isn't it SO disappointing when a show promises so much in the pilot and then fizzles out) but the first episode sure had me on the edge of my seat. The basic storyline is that a criminal wanted for decades by the FBI turns himself in, in order to work with them in catching a big name terrorist long thought to be dead, but only if he gets to work exclusively with a young rookie FBI profiler agent. It definitely has potential so we'll see how it pans out over the coming weeks!

A place to call home
We recorded the whole first series as quite a few episodes aired while we were away in the UK. It's a fantastic Australian drama series set in the 1950's about a wealthy Australian family having to come to terms with modern times dealing with issues such as accepting people of different religions, sexuality preferences and social standing all within the very intimate relationships of their own family. Extremely good drama - we sat down and had a week's marathon of the whole series and will certainly be looking forward to the next series screening here later in the year.

OK so we're not actually watching this right now, but I'm so excited that Jack's back! And that means 24 is going to be back on the screen in May this year. We were huge 24 fans back in the day and watched all 8 seasons so it's great to see it resurrected for a more punchier 12 part only series - set in London Baby! For a small piece of trivia - one of the characters who played a big role in season 6 was Milo Pressman (a CTU agent) and this character was in part the inspiration behind our Mylo's name. The ever-scowling but brilliant Chloe O'Brian was always a favourite character of ours as well as our main man Jack who was hard as nails and was always having to come back and prove himself to those who should have been thanking him for saving the country numerous times over. 24: Live Another Day premieres in May. I can't wait!

So have you watched or been watching any of these shows? And what are your favourites?

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