03 June 2014

22/52: Rainbow looms and precious conversations

Project 52: a portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Noah: This week you taught us all to create a loom bracelet on our fingers. I love that I can learn from you and it's not all one-way traffic. You and your little brother have been creating up a storm ever since! I love that something so simple can teach you concentration, co-ordination, pattern sequencing and fine motor skills and yet you just think you're having fun!

Mylo: for a not even 5 year old you have some pretty good racing skills easily beating the whole family on the new Mario Kart 8 game that we got on the weekend. And this exchange that took place the other night was so precious and I will treasure it always.

Mylo: When did God get made?

Me: He didn't get made hun. He's been alive forever and ever. Always. And he created everything else.

Mylo: Is God sad that he doesn't have a birthday because he never got born?

Me: I don't think so beautiful. He gets to celebrate and enjoy everyone on Earth when they have their own birthdays.

Mylo: Will the Coca Cola ever run out in Heaven?

Me: (laughing) I don't think so. What made you think of Coca Cola?

Mylo: It's my favourite drink.

Me: But there might not even be any Coca Cola in Heaven Mylo. There might be the yummiest most amazing drink you can ever imagine, that's way, way better than Coca Cola. Something to look forward to hey.

Mylo: Are there going to be enough houses for us all in Heaven?

Me: Yes my sweet. That one I can say for sure because in the bible it says 'There are many rooms in my Father's house'. And Jesus will make sure there is enough room for us all to live with Him.

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