25 June 2014

25/52: Mt Nguaruhoe and a Cub Scout

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Mylo: last week we came to your Matariki performance and boil-up dinner at daycare. You had been practicing so hard for your part as Mt Nguaruhoe in Battle of the Mountains. As coy as you looked standing up there, you were confident enough in yourself to don your costume and hat and play your part with the other children. It was a joy to see you do as some other children got stage fright and wouldn't take part in the actual performance no matter how hard their parents and the teachers tried to encourage them.

Here you are singing and doing the poi with your friends. This will be our last Matariki and boil-up at daycare, but we shan't think too much about that just now.

Noah: even though you still haven't officially been invested into Cub Scouts yet, you have so been enjoying going along each week this term. Daddy has offered to help out when needed and describes the scenes there as 'happy carnage'. Two weeks ago you went out in the dark with the other Cubs looking for and finding glow-worms in the dark. You had a wobbly moment when your torch broke, but after the leader called us and you had a quick pep talk from Dad you pulled yourself together and carried on. Most nights you come home dirty and scraped up from some rough outdoors action game like Spotlight or Capture the Flag, but you love it. We are proud of you for getting stuck in and being involved!

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