27 April 2015

You don't know what you've got till it's gone......{what I'll miss about Welly}

In the midst of project managing the logistical exercise of moving a family of four and cat 550km north (which we're finding out is no mean feat in itself), I'm also finding that as the days begin to count down till we leave that I'm growing extremely nostalgic.

Without a doubt there are many people we will miss - that goes without saying. But with the joys of social media I hope that some of the pain of parting will be diminished knowing there will still be opportunities to keep in touch with those that we really want to.

My wistfulness is of the vast opportunities that Wellington has given us over the years. Favourite places we will no longer have the opportunity to visit. Photo opportunities and glorious scenic locations we will have to leave behind. Gosh I already feel like I'm missing them and we haven't even left yet!

How on earth can I say goodbye to....

Metlink City Safari

The other day I got an email reminding me to register for this awesome family orienteering race we did in May last year. Gosh darn it I'd love to do it again but it's just not going to be logistically possible - it's our second to last weekend in Welly and we've already planned to host a farewell party for the boys at Mission Inflatable. I do hope we can find something as cool as this to do as a family together in the Waikato.

Wellington on a cracking good day 

When we get one of those 'can't beat Wellington on a good day' days it's hard to ignore the pull of the waterfront.  Sure these days can be few and far between, but I have such lovely memories of taking the boys down to the waterfront for bike and scooter rides and a Kaffee Eis gelato when the moment took us. Sitting in the sand - enjoying delicious gelato - playing with driftwood - throwing stones in the sea - zooming down the slide at the park on the waterfront - oh I will miss this being just on my doorstep, knowing that the nearest beach will be an hour's drive in either direction in our new home.


And who could forget the fun we've had taking the croc bikes for a whirl on the waterfront on different occasions?

Our Place - Te Papa

The opening of Te Papa back in 1998 coincided with the first time I ever met Mark. Working at the Museum Hotel was my first job out of university and I just happened to start work the week Te Papa opened amidst much pomp and ceremony. Mark had already been working there for a couple of months (he on his year out from university) and it was over the course of five months working together that we fell in love and entered our happily ever after. Te Papa is a much loved place of ours to visit - especially when we've had lovely family to stay from the other side of the world.

Over the years we've enjoyed many a visit to the discovery centres and various exhibitions that have come and gone - the most recent ones we enjoyed being the Dinosaurs and the Air NZ 75th anniversary.

We plan to make one LAST hurrah to Te Papa in the next couple of weeks to see the Gallipoli exhibition. It has been truly wonderful having such a great national treasure just a ten minute drive down the road!

Our very own enchanted wood (Otari-Wilton Bush) 

Tucked away in a steep valley, just a five minute drive away from home is a place full of the deepest magic. Where the woods are enchanted and light dances through trees as if it were alive. We have enjoyed many a weekend afternoon walk in this beautiful spot - including a wonderful Mothers Day walk two years ago with my lovely boys.

Where the birds sing

We've lived within a stone's throw of Zealandia the whole thirteen years we've been in Wellington. And over that time we have noticed a massive increase in the native birdlife as the predator-proof fence that was built back in 1999 has allowed the rejuvenation of an incredible number of animal species - tui, kaka, kakariki, saddleback, stitchbird, morepork, takahe and shags as well as the opportunity to see a number of reptile species such as tuatara.

For at least two years we enjoyed having an annual membership of Zealandia - popping in whenever the mood took us to walk in the valley that is like stepping back in time 1,000 years.

And then there was the time 14 kaka just flew into our garden one Saturday afternoon - I will never forget that sight.

In the early morning and evening the sound of the kaka call is unmistakeable as they call to each other - a high pitched caw that reverberates around the valley.  What an incredible privilege to have lived in this very spot and experienced NZ's own incredible natural wonders on our very doorstep daily.

Oh but there is still much, much more I could tell you about the amazing city that welcomed us with open arms all those years ago and has truly been the making of our little family, so perhaps next week? See you here.....same time, same place?

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