28 May 2012

The Weekend in Instagram

Just for a little something different, here's some snippets of our weekend, mostly via the Instagram app for iPhone.....

Pak n Save goes Cow Crazy
Our local supermarket has gone a bit cow crazy with cow spots painted on the outside of the store, its trolleys have turned into cows and there was even a moo-ing cow standing by all the meat which totally intrigued the boys.

Oh and for a nice bit of eye candy, I looked up and Conrad Smith (who plays for our national rugby team, the All Blacks) was just across the apples from me. I was too shy to grab a pic though, so you'll just have to make do with an official one!

Conrad Smith Conrad Smith of the All Blacks poses during a New Zealand All Blacks IRB Rugby World Cup 2011 headshot session at the Heritage Hotel on September 2, 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Homemade Fish n Chips
Then it was home for homemade fish n chips. And mum and dad enjoyed some naughty Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate later while watching Game of Thrones.

Dad and Noah were out at footy Saturday morning, and Noah came home chuffed to have the Golden Boot Player of the Day for his team. Meanwhile Mylo and I enjoyed some mum and son time at home.

Fruit fanatic
You gotta love a kid who can scoff 3 feijoas and 2 kiwifruit in about five minutes without battering an eyelid. Well, I love it anyway!

Twister Time
We took turns playing a bit of Twister. And from what happened next I think we'd have been better off sticking with Twister.

I got Nerfed
We'd just literally bought a pack of 36 foam darts for the Nerf gun as we'd lost most of the ones that came with the gun originally. I stupidly (WHAT WAS I THINKING - actually I know what I was thinking, I was thinking about a shot for Instagram) told Mylo to aim for the camera but he missed and got me square in the eye ball. I ran out of the room screaming and crying (it freaking hurt) and dissolved in a puddle on the floor for about five minutes before I could compose myself. Poor Mylo didn't know what to think and stood stock still in silence watching me looking bashful.

I have to say the new darts we bought are lethal, they fly super far and make a whistling noise if you can get them to go far enough. I shall be steering well clear from now on!!!!

Focaccia bread
I made a slightly less successful than usual version of our focaccia bread (Mark really is better at it than me). It tasted OK but was kinda crumbly and didn't crisp up on the bottom like it should have. Oh well.

Happy helper
Whilst Mylo had a mammoth 3 hour sleep on Saturday, Noah helped me clean a whole bunch of windows inside and out which earned him 10 stickers for his sticker chart (which holds 100), as well as the mirrors in the bathrooms while I cleaned the rest of the bathrooms too.

DJ Heroes
Mark got an absolute steal on DJ Hero on Mighty Ape the other day, or so he says *wink*. But regardless, DJ Hero turned up in the mail the other day. Daddy and Noah had fun learning the ropes on Saturday afternoon as the day turned ever greyer and cooler outside.

Saturday avo smoothies
Smoothies for one, smoothies for all. A great mid-afternoon energy boost. And boost they did. We then had two crazy little people running around for the rest of the afternoon - at least it was a good sugar high!

Kicking it with the kaka
Without any warning, 14 kaka flew into our garden on Saturday afternoon. Although you can often see and hear 3-4  flying around the neighbourhood (we live very close to the bird sanctuary Zealandia) I have never seen so many in one place outside of the sanctuary. They landed on our fence, our trees, our telephone wire and a couple even climbed on our roof. We could have almost reached out our bedroom windows and touched them! So amazing.

After build-your-own yummy wraps for dinner on Saturday night, Mark and I then spent a rare couple of hours in town at a friends 40th. Then Sunday morning was spent relaxing until church, then straight to Noah's swimming lessons where we then took one of Noah's best friends off with us for an afternoon playdate.

It was the perfect afternoon (cold, wet and windy) to head off to the new Junglerama (kids indoor adventure land) for a couple of hours, This particular location only opened about a year ago and it really is top entertainment for kids despite the hordes. The best bit is these foam ball cannons on several levels that you can shoot across at people on the other side. Fun for young and old! After about an hour and a half of mad dashing, climbing, jumping, sliding, firing three tired, sweaty and hungry boys begged (actually really) to stop for some food which was a good cue to leave. I'd have taken more pics but my phone kept falling out of my pocket everytime I found myself crawling through some tight space after Mylo so I gave up and put it safely away in the bag in the end.

There was just enough time for a few games of Mario Kart at home before we headed back across town to drop Noah's buddy home, then it was home for corned beef and potato mash for dinner.

Pretty much the usual combination of busyness and fun for a weekend in the MNM's household!

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Catching the Magic said...

Those Kaka are AMAZING!! So many! In your own garden! Wow!!!

Looks like you made the most of the weekend (sure was a tuck up indoors one yesterday! Good on you for braving Junglerama - we thought about going - but wimped out).

Have a great week! Sarah x


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