15 May 2012

Encouraged despite....

Thank you so much for the wonderful 'be well' wishes many of you left, knowing that there are people praying and thinking of me from around the world is so encouraging despite a difficult few days...here's an update for you:

The reflux that I had on Sunday night came on really badly again yesterday afternoon and evening, and 3 lots of Gaviscon didn't really help at all - I was just feeling totally blocked up and could feel acid going up and down all the time and no amount of burping to try and clear it would help. I did manage to sleep OK until I woke up to put little monkey Mylo back to bed at 4.55am and just by getting up and moving around I was nearly doubled over in pain from constricted chest and felt like my insides were burning so I decided I'd better head to A&E.

They were able to give me a liquid anesthetic and painkillers which helped ease the symptoms. After four hours there, the official diagnosis was reflux (no surprise there) so I have some medication which should ease it in a day or two, it's still pretty sore (5-6 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being childbirth!) and right on my breastbone where my ribs meet is where my esophagus feels the most constricted and blocked, but it's not as bad as early this morning when it was about 8-9. They weren't sure if the reflux is related to last week's mystery side pain or is as a result of the anti-inflammatories I took over the weekend.

In good news, I did manage to get my tooth fixed yesterday (see I'm still looking for the good here people!) which means one less thing to annoy me!

Anyway, thanks for your encouragement, your thoughts and prayers are very welcome and appreciated :-)


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